Rebate network form contract refers to provisions of the King Day precipitation funds or billions


rebate network form contract refers to provisions of the King Day precipitation funds billion (TechWeb or above)

broke the drawbacks and defects can be described as a rebate website emerge in an endless stream.

July 8th, SAIC announced the "nine typical online commodity trading violations", the rebate network ( as an example, its use of the format of the contract provisions on consumers unfair and unreasonable.

It is reported that

, established by the Mdt InfoTech Ltd in Shanghai Yan rebate network belongs to the "third party rebate shopping platform", by directing consumers to the electricity supplier at a cooperative relationship with the purchase of goods, after the success of the transaction, the merchant rebate network to pay a certain percentage of the Commission, part of the commissions in the rebate form return to consumers, part of commission as the company’s operating income.

the "daily economic news" reporter learned through interviews and practical experience, this model seems to allow businesses and consumers to achieve a win-win situation, but because the precipitation of funds towards the unknown, the rebate period, and the amount of discrepancy, withdrawal restrictions and other issues, still faces risks and challenge.

accused overlord terms

consumer get the rebate is tempting, but there is no free lunch.

consumers want to get the rebate, must accept the site to develop a "rebate network user agreement", of which there are many pitfalls.

pointed out that the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the rebate network protocol parties use standard terms exemption to provide goods or services shall bear the suretyship liability act, and the parties use standard terms exemption for breach of contract shall bear the responsibility of default behavior.

in fact, because of its rebate network system vulnerabilities and users suffer losses in the case is not uncommon.

Shanghai public Wong told the "daily economic news" reporter said, "once it is passed to the rebate network under the orders, but the final system does not show the order, more than 8 of the rebate originally agreed naturally out of reach."

she said frankly, even to find the website customer service communication, as originally agreed to the exemption agreement rebate network, it is difficult to success of rights, invisible will increase a lot of time cost, at first with "cheap" mentality on the rebate network, but The loss outweighs the gain.

precipitation funds or hundreds of millions of


has been criticized in terms of overlord, micro-blog, BBS and rebate network forum, the reporter saw Miss Huang and had similar experiences and a few users, in addition to a large number of complaints reflect the order has not been tracking system, the other is concentrated in the rebate time is too long, the actual amount of the return and promised to return the amount of discrepancy the phenomenon.

reporter landing rebate network found that the user account balance for the first time can reach 10 yuan from 5 yuan. "

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