nternet business model should pay attention to small and medium sized webmaster


IT, the Sohu received near Mr. Dong Jiangyong’s signature books "fox dog lakes edition of Sohu IT records". The whole series of humor narrative, with comic form one occurred in the IT arena in the arena.

vice president of Sohu, Mr. Fang Gang ordered, in order to refer to "historical records" the "historical records" of the story. The subconscious tells us that it is a price to pay for the record, or a name, or benefit. The "fox dog arena version of Sohu IT records" do not have these conditions, so, to make IT history from Fox rigorous change to frolic IT events. Revealed helplessness is evident.

Peng Peng two days ago suddenly told me on the MSN, the recent Tencent public relations department will find you, very boring, I asked, why do you want me? Is it to promote their CRM system?. Tencent has always been a superior feeling, never despise small owners, especially the grassroots webmaster. Is it because I published a few articles not worth mentioning the influence is still micro reports on the CRM release? Though, so far, published articles or media reports at the Tencent CRM site list, but not enough to shake to let the public relations department to find me a special chat? Four phone listen to just know, original. Tencent in 2008 will focus on personal webmaster PR, especially small and medium-sized webmaster. Petty.

see "fox dog arena version of Sohu IT records", suddenly reminded me of this proposition, with more than 1 million individual stationmaster group, as all portal promotion and public relations personnel and the law for the group. In the face of the site, product promotion, how best to promote the most convenient? Many times, those speculators who are confused. The budget did not spend less, can not move is millions. But it has little effect.

first analysis of the supply of funds, small and medium-sized owners are hungry, hovering in the brink of life and death, of course, is the edge of the Internet life and death. Then, in the same way, the small owners now is just need to eat and not eat. Eat to eat hard. But in the short term, small owners will not consider how to eat. In view of the problem of a lot of market promotion, small site staff will suddenly small law, because it is not how much, though, the long tail theory tells us that poly small and flexible, but you really want to do, but few people dare to do. Too many uncertainties, fear of taking risks, afraid of the boss scolded.

the majority of small and medium sites behind the administrators are the daily use of the Internet and the Internet community, more likely to play a guiding role. Just imagine, if YAHOO search product line directly thrown into the small and medium-sized site groups, but not immediately, apartment layout group, capital supply chain, more than half of a paid news release money, enough to pay for 3 months of small and medium-sized site package. Whether it is the quality of feedback or sticky, are better than direct news pr.

of course, there are also worried about the market because of small and medium sites will be placed on the brand influence >

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