Some of the webmaster emotion


back to the beginning of a personal home page, not too many ideas, just do what you like.

with their own understanding more and more, but more and more confused.

to do a home page, to consider the size of the page, because it will affect people’s download time; the need to consider the resolution, because this will affect others view visual effects; to consider how to set the title and meta, because it will affect the search engine optimization; to consider where to place Google Adsense the number of people, because this will affect the delay; to consider their own links, because this will affect the page rank (PageRank); to consider IE5, 6, 7; to consider Firefox, Maxthon,

Oh, I just want to do a simple personal home page, a record diary, but again and again out of order and be deterred by those factors.

or sometimes we all complicate the simple things.

many friends feel that I know a lot about the network, is a master.

I’m not master, I am certainly not a rookie, at best, I’m just a bird.


is old, so that the establishment of the passion is gone.

is not easy for me, excited to register the first top-level domain, I am in space as much as possible to set the directory, MP3, video, pictures, guestbook, BBS, about and me.


program, even if the database is separate, it is favorable to entertain, summed up as "XXX" under the flag of the site. At that time the pure ridiculous, ridiculous sad, sad, but respectable.

are we sad now, we’re still sad.

IP today a little, no, I want to visit my redial ADSL station; today Adsense is less a few cents, no, I want to find a friend for my point of advertising; today Baidu, Google included a few pages, no, I want to collect hundreds of data filling; today Alexa decreased a few, no, I want on the Alexa alliance, brush it up,,,

cycle, rice is not fragrant, disturbed sleep, fall under one occupation disease.

how many owners go to bed before 12 in the evening; how many owners in the morning to take time out to eat breakfast; how many webmaster red face, the kind of excess nutrition,

with the popularity of the Internet, large and small sites are known, webmasters may also become an occupation, but to be honest, how many people to care about the webmaster


we sing praises to our doctors, and sing praises to our teachers

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