WordPress or subject to licensing issues for developers


recent open source development community is under intense debate, the results will have a broad impact on software sharing and dissemination. WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg believes that the Chris Pearson (WordPress Thesis Theme Framework developers) practices in violation of the WordPress general public license (GPL) protocol. The two sides dispute, and is likely to go to court, which will free software release what impact?

WordPress to its cooperation as an integral part of their own, so what is the basis for the


– Chris code to comply with the GPL protocol must be free, open source, and the relevant third party code must also comply with GPL Pearson. Mullenweg believes that GPL is the WordPress world’s bill of rights, because it can protect the freedom of the core.

Mullenweg requires the Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) to clarify whether WordPress themes need to comply with GPL. SFLC found that the PHP file using the WordPress copyright code is protected by GPL, but the theme of the picture and CSS are not listed in this column. In other words, the car engine is protected, and paint and body is not within the scope of protection.

Pearson considers itself to be the subject of charge WordPress and the framework is not constrained by the GPL, because it is completely independent of WordPress". Mullenweg expressed opposition.

you can develop anything, but things developed on the basis of the GPL protocol must also comply with GPL. This is the key to the problem.

– Matt Mullenweg both sides are bright and clear view of their own but the arguments between the two sides did not make any real progress, but attracted more attention.

"WordPress to cooperate with things as part of their inalienable, what is it based? Why is WordPress what the tube, even if the scope of another project is far more than the WordPress itself?" asked Pearson.

Mullenweg said, WordPress comply with the GPL agreement, the agreement provides tens of thousands of people with the opportunity to develop projects. The agreement that you can develop anything, but the development of things based on the GPL protocol must also comply with GPL. This is the key to the problem. That’s how the WordPress system works."

development community views on this issue is not uniform, but it seems to support the Mullenweg and WordPress dominance. Unfortunately, this debate is not good for an open source community

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