Do people want to do a low key low key Seo do


just in the blog to see a peer friends commented that I am very low-key. In fact, I used to be very high-profile, remember from the start up, learn something, they hold, began to write to tell you, sometimes entirely theoretical ideas. But then write less, see some spirit the author posts, I will get him, not off the reel, a long and minute statement.

everyone is so over, a lot of people are their own knowledge. A few years ago online tutorials, is my favorite. Although many do not understand, especially foreign forums to soak up those birds look. But now the tutorial, more misleading, misleading novice very powerful.

stone is a specialized research of SEO forum, but there are not many webmaster. Many do not stand, do a blog began to study seo. I don’t know who those people are. The stone and reply, more theorists. Those are the most reasonable answer, No one shows any interest in. The theory of a long and minute statement, consult everybody. I don’t know why.

The most common example of

. A lot of people say that stone do optimization cannot do without the original, but many newcomers do not understand what is original, it should be said that do not understand what is the core of the original. To see those with a few pages to do keywords website, they are very concerned that these people are masters of the master. Do not understand ah, perhaps our point of view is not the same, the starting point is not the same.

what is optimization is to make the site in line with the search engine like, but to put the user experience in the first place. Search like what page do SEO know, keyword density. Density can be a bit, the most important is the chain. A lot of people know the importance of the chain, but do not know where to find the chain. Can not find other people think of the chain, you are a successful SEO talent.

optimization in the whole optimization, rather than the home to do a few key words. Home to do a few key words is not difficult, I do a stand, home page has 10 or so words in the search in the top three, the competition is not small, the first page are bidding. But you have to know, such a word can give you a lot of fun, a lot of things in the industry is not the case, at least I now give the company to do the industry is not the case. Every day to the flow is not a few, but those words are not very good to do, I did 2 months or so before the words do the first page.

home page to do those words is to see the above, as long as it is to optimize the talent, the basic can do. It’s just a matter of time. But this is OK? No, the company allows you to do is to optimize the flow from the search, and get a high conversion rate of flow. This time you will optimize the total station, so that the internal page keywords ranking.

within the page to improve the key word is not just rely on the chain, you can not give each page inside the chain. This time it can be seen that those who really do the optimization of the master, those who just do the keyword entry rookie.


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