The massive Yangzhou Trojan case verdicts 15 defendants jailed



into the computer, tens of thousands of illegal profits about 2000000 yuan Yangzhou large Trojan case before the verdicts, Zhu Xiaoming and other 15 defendants were Guangling Yangzhou district court to the crime of destroying computer information system for 6 months to 1 years and 6 months imprisonment.

in April 2008, Yangzhou netizen Mike in playing computer games, download a claim to improve the speed of the game program, then the computer screen out of many can not turn off the site.

when Mike turned on the computer to enter the game, the game found thousands of dollars in the account of all the equipment evaporation, then the alarm.

and earlier, Yangzhou police have received more than and 10 consecutive similar alarm. The police investigation found, this is called a "Bole" trojan virus is in trouble, the network crime organization virus is a production and sales of "Bole" is behind, they employ hacker Trojan program, then hang it on the Internet to sell, for stealing game player account and password. Before and after tracing, July 2008, 15 suspects have been arrested.

court found that from August 2007 to July 2008, IT business Zhu Xiaoming found selling network game account and equipment can make money, they hired Zhou Juncai et al design and development for more than 20 kinds of Trojans to steal online game account information, to the offline sales and wantonly spread, in order to obtain the game player’s account and password then the Internet selling profit. Before the incident, the criminal gangs into a total of tens of thousands of computers, profit more than 2 million 150 thousand yuan. The court held that Zhu Xiaoming and others intentionally making, sale and dissemination of computer viruses and other destructive procedures, the normal operation of the computer system, the consequences are serious, constitute the crime of destroying computer information system, then made the above decision.

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