2015 P2P death list 50 million registered capital of more than 112


hey, today you run it? This has become a popular word P2P net loan industry.

to some extent, there is some truth in this statement. In October this year, the new platform 47; in September, the new platform 55; in August, the new platform 81; in July, the new platform 109; in June, the new platform 123, May 59, April 54, March 50, February 49, January 57……

I black comb found, running and running, and registered capital of more than 50 million of the problems of the platform has more than 112, the largest number of Shanghai and Guangdong, are all of the 20, the third Beijing for the 18. By the end of October 2015, the cumulative platform reached 1078.

read these numbers, you will find that the year 2014 only 122 home run away platform, the month of June this year was completed last year’s run away number! Limiting withdrawals, off station lost, platform clearing, withdrawals delay……

senior investors are victims of summary: P2P run away or have a fixed pattern, in most cases is the first cash difficulties, then the navy in a public forum and mass QQ statements of stability to platform is mainly responsible for the lost and the website cannot be opened normally, investors finally alarm.

These problems occurred in the

platform company has several possibilities, the name of P2P in the name to get money under the guise of pure Swindlers Company, P2P to raise their own pseudo P2P company, risk control do not lend the money being paid to poor management of company……

of course, some hope to continue to operate the P2P platform is also looking for a way out, working with banks, and insurance companies to cooperate, do physical control of mortgage risk, a short time between lively. Today’s P2P is like the last year when the war to buy hundreds of thousands to buy crazy competition scene, followed by a large number of failures.

for the development of the industry, the most important is the policy risk. In July this year, "" guiding opinions on promoting the healthy development of Internet banking will be formally introduced after the introduction of rules about P2P regulation, such as the trade rumors increase paid up capital to 50 million, currently managed funds in the bank but also the threshold in the registered capital of 50 million above.

industry insiders said that with the pressure of regulators, P2P net loan industry will usher in a major reshuffle, the current platform mortality rate of up to 30%, the future may rise.

I dark horse P2P platform for the sample were selected cases, trying to analyze the reasons behind the problem platform running, closed down to the new entrepreneurs and investors some inspiration.

great wealth: online time is very short

pure fraud platform run away.

because of the low threshold, a number of P2P platform directly ran out, company information, office space, investment targets and so on are all fake. >

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