15 days to allow non mainstream website P from 200 to 3500


this article is pure belong to the rookie level do stand experience, may not be short, there is a need to look at, I hope you can exchange experience, think too much food less to take a few bricks.

200IP 2000RMB sold 15 days ago a non mainstream, 15 days after 3500IP



test station

my site is doing [non mainstream], to tell the truth, I am also very disgusted with this, because the definition of non mainstream are distorted not like hair, self timer, PP graph is called non mainstream, are a group of children playing decadent.

When the

06 years I switched to a new company, just took over the acquisition to the non mainstream community supervisor, then the community in this group of children in the more famous, but also the first non mainstream phase self concept forum. The first week I work to the forum for the Discuz system, in the observation and summary, think of this type of site should also have more potential for the registration of the domain name, non mainstream own (here temporarily not to mention, otherwise it is too soft), installed the Discuz forum is a place for more than a year, the middle loading and unloading unloading times, also has DEDE updated some pictures and self beauty, probably because the lazy tube is not updated, traffic has been maintained at around 200, here are some ashamed.

intermediate in-fzl webmaster let me give him the domain name. To tell the truth, I have a little appreciation of the in-fzl webmaster, he is also doing non mainstream site, before the station is a very difficult to remember the.Net m, then I suggested that he registered the in-fzl, but also I stand.Net also let him registered. In fact, this is not a in-fzl webmaster to students at the age of 20, only the weekend before the occasional Internet, but he was really willing to spend money to ask somebody to help him to please the Discuz forum, the official moderator to help him manage the forum every month and 2000 dollars in wages. And look for links to other sites, are called, the attitude is very sincere, the key is that these calls are international long-distance. Soon his site near the million IP. I appreciate him very much. It’s an advertisement for him.

two, start again, stick to update

07 years in December, together with the brothers behind the rent after the expiration of the server, the website data removed, want to quit the job after Christmas home for the Spring Festival, did not expect the road closure, so to find a small space to install the DEDE begin to do a website.

in the first few days is very simple, updated some beautiful and handsome atlas, features only one human unit update, everyone one or several atlas, and specially with the long tail keywords do title. This should be the most critical, followed by all the pictures collected on the Internet, not the whole is almost the most complete. Thanks to my dear friend, always give me some MM atlas, let me >

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