2008 China Software Development Forum held in Shuyang in December 27th


  December 27th, 2008 China Software Development Forum held in Shuyang. The meeting was held in the context of the impact of the global financial crisis in China’s IT industry. The theme of the conference is "harmony, innovation, open and win-win", it is a review and summary of the 2008 software industry, but also the development trend of the 2009 software.

this meeting by the relevant leadership attaches great importance to. The Ministry of industry and information technology operation monitoring and Coordination Bureau deputy inspector Gao Sumei, deputy director of Finance Department of finance Sun Yilin, China Software Industry Association Council Chairman and Secretary General Hu Kunshan, deputy secretary general Zhu Yun, Chinese academician Ni Guangnan attend this forum. Jiangsu and Shuyang county government leaders also participated in the forum.


Forum gathered in the domestic software industry, many celebrities, guests are: Storm CEO Feng Xin, vice president of rising Yiding, Comsenz CEO Dai Zhikang, Cai Wensheng CEO warcry, Mito master 265 network president, stationmaster net CEO graph king, former NetEase chief Li Xueling, CSDN president of Jiang Tao software and Internet executives.

2008 China Software Development Forum sponsored by the China Software Industry Association and the Shuyang Provincial People’s Government of Jiangsu. As the organizer of the Chinese Army Software Park, is an early start in China, good reputation of large professional website, is one of China’s most influential famous sites. CSDN is the world’s largest Chinese IT professional community, IT professionals and IT vendors to provide comprehensive, innovative and efficient IT professional knowledge learning and communication platform.

the venue for the conference is Shuyang, a city known for its reform and innovation. In 2008, Jiangsu province Shuyang Software Industrial Park was officially inaugurated, it is the first county-level city Jiangsu Science and technology park. Up to now, has gathered 24 software and software service companies, registered capital of up to $120 million, all types of entrepreneurial talent of nearly 400 people, the annual output value is expected to reach $2 billion 100 million. The construction and development of the software industry park, Shuyang Economic Development Zone, Kunming Shuhe Industrial Park and ecological tourism demonstration area, Shucheng industrial park together to become the county’s five major economic development platform, become Shuyang county economic development and an important growth pole.


12 27 am China Shuyang software development forum site

about 1500 guests and representatives attended the conference


  Suqian Municipal Committee of Shuyang county Party Secretary Mo Wantong speech


China Software Industry Association vice chairman and Secretary General Hu Kun speech


best software brand award of national excellent software award



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