Malicious registration was sentenced to return to raq were related to the domain name


newspaper news (reporter correspondent Chen Yijun Wei Jianping) "laiyifen" is Hushang love leisure snacks brand, in order to facilitate the public to purchase, "laiyifen company specially opened the site to set up online ordering. Did not expect the domain name of the website, actually became a way of earning money from others. In that Taobao appeared on the net "domain name laiyifen 1 yuan Qipai" commodity information, "laiyifen" will be "domain name investors" Gumou court. Recently, the city court verdict, Gumou returned to Iraq were related to the domain name.

October 2001, "laiyifen" power company registered "" domain name, the domain name and set up the site. But in March of this year, Shanghai people through a network of Beijing Xin Xin company has successfully registered the and two domain names, and domain name hanging on the Taobao auction. The court held that the "laiyifen company" for its marketing needs, the registered trademark "laiyifen" registered "" domain name transliteration. But Gu has registered domain names in the two domain names are laiyifen, but failed to prove that it has nothing to do with the laiyifen. That Gumou sent to Iraq were in the mail, he had to sell its registered "" domain to obtain improper benefits, thus finds the behavior with malice.


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