Bimei website privacy controversy and creative flower briefly as the broad leaved epiphyllum behind



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Bimei is currently a hot word internet. Not only the recent contest triggered netizens "collective Tucao, and with the help of new media, this" Bimei whirlwind "is a blow to the campus of the potential.

this summer, the website Bimei quietly popular among college students. This kind of website will upload the photos of the students’ public space or the campus system to the page. This pattern, reminiscent of the smash hit Facemash. While in the pursuit of "behind the China version than the website also faced a lot of controversy: Creative highlights or flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum is a violation of privacy? Or simply entertainment? Is a simple imitation or innovation transformation? Perhaps, these questions are of greatest significance than in our website.

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Bimei flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum?

in 2003, and his girlfriend broke up, the second grade students in Harvard University Mark · Zuckerberg with a personal computer into the school database, copy almost all girls passport, set up a school website named Facemash bimei. The site’s interface presents two photos at the same time, the user selects the photos they think are good to vote, the site automatically generates rankings. Web site after the virus, such as the prevalence of college students in general, once caused paralysis of the school network.

this is the beginning of the American film "social network", and Zuckerberg became famous overnight. He quickly turned off the Facemash, founded the world’s largest social networking site, Facebook (Facebook).

Facemash closed 9 years later, in China’s colleges and universities, but again a similar figure.

Xi Tian Yu is a sophomore at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Department of mechanical engineering, during the summer vacation she found his social networking site suddenly increased a lot of strange visitors. A friend told her, she looks in the name of a Facejoking campus website was named the first name. "Now the network needs the spirit of entertainment, the students put me in the first place is also very happy." Xi Tian Yu said.

, like the name of the site, just wanted to start a fun site." Facejoking founder, Wuhan University, Department of computer science Jiao ting (a pseudonym), said he spent 3 days writing code on the site. Different from Facemash, Facejoking is used in the student social networking site photos, is no longer a group of two people to choose, but took a five-star scoring standards.

soon after the site on the University Students

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