Web2 0 website to calm not far from success


      human holding Web2.0, people mouthing Web2.0, or a few people think that Web2.0 profit model of bankruptcy, the day before, people put forward more technical questions about it. Therefore, the author of the Web2.0 to the new model of the Internet in many aspects.

      Web2.0 technical defect user threshold is too high

      Web2.0 for so long, has only heard the advanced side of the Web2.0 technology, but no one has been concerned about the technical defects of web2.0. The recent cold blowing Web2.0, web2.0. have been bad mouthing a fickle critics every day for this uneasy shouting. The exchange has been the main activities in the development of human society, the exchange cost from the initial animal language, gestures to later form text, language, then form the books of bamboo, silk, paper, radio, telephone and TV in the modern times, the development of today’s Internet, every innovation, are greatly reduced between people and the communication cost. This time is between Web2.0 and Web1.0 in the web2.0., can reflect the current reduction in the cost of communication is not obvious enough, temporarily also can not judge Web2.0 is an Internet revolution. Perhaps, a process Web2.0 is the Internet, near the 3G era, the exchange between people costs will be further reduced; perhaps, Web2.0 there are technical defects, will develop slowly, these are just the process.

      1, the current focus on cannot follow the security technology, privacy, copyright protection, the ten magic is also high.

      with the popularity of blog as the representative of the Web2.0, many netizens in a keenly aware of the pleasure brought web2.0. Convenient and never risk together, many users enjoy Web2.0 at the same time, they found the problem of network security is impossible to guard against. In our subscription to the RSS, there may even be malicious code will be implanted into the target RSS source, a RSS source is implanted malicious code, innocent victims may be thousands of. A blog as an example, the use of simple deception is a lot of link spam reply hits and cheat cheat search engine has obtained a higher ranking, and these are the click website content is generally illegal or hidden Trojan, suffer countless netizens. Publishers only need to write a blog * * *, BBS, BBS, etc.. And then again with the release of the rookie, the greater the concealment. For the perpetrators, the cost is low; miserable for the victims, no complaints.

      Web2.0 brings convenience at the same time, it does not take into account the perpetrators are also using web2>

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