Head a hot start Weixin fm domain 200 thousand yuan transactions


renamed Chinese (eName.cn) in the April 22nd hearing, following WeChat Larry domain weixin.com with 8 digit price after the transaction, the domain name trading circle quickly blew up a "micro trade", followed by a leap million won the weixin.com.cn. Recently, another investor @ Ze head hot, with a price of 200 thousand yuan to buy the weixin.fm.


figure: Tencent WeChat

it is understood that, in the chat with a few friends, when it comes to the recent WeChat domain name is very fire, and then there is a man who said he knew a friend has a WeChat domain name weixin.fm. After the Ze Ze contact with the investor, the other party at the beginning of the bid price of 250 thousand yuan, the final transaction price of $200 thousand.

asked why spend 200 thousand yuan to buy the domain name weixin.fm, Yan Ze said he was playing the literature website, probably because the green plot, when thinking about first received a repeat, then a hot head start".

this month broke WeChat domain weixin.com with 8 digit price is 9 seconds after the acquisition of WeChat related domain community, but also continued to rise, the first is weixin.com.cn million weixin.La transactions, the auction price of nearly 200 thousand yuan. Today, there are weixin.fm sold 200 thousand yuan, once again shows that the high price of weixin.com transaction is bound to promote a certain number of WeChat related domain name in the short term.

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