DMOZ’s attention points


DMOZ is a collection of manual editing management to provide results or data for search engines. Most of these artificial editors are volunteers, so the site is not an easy thing to join the Dmoz, some sites even need more than a year to be included…

Dmoz included with the addition of Google has the same important significance, many webmasters believe that the Dmoz included even more than the annual cost of $300 paid included YAHOO are important. Dmoz is now used by most major search engines. This fact proves that Dmoz is the most important object of submission, and why thousands of websites spend months asking Dmoz editors to add their own web site to the directory. The ultimate benefit of being included in the Dmoz is that you can get a good ranking on other search engines, which is much better than the benefits obtained on the Dmoz site alone.

chat with caoshangfei webmaster, he mentioned that he submitted some views on DMOZ. In fact, the submission of DMOZ is not so difficult. Many things are exaggerated rhetoric Public clamor can melt metals.. As long as the site can also, traffic can be in the search engine’s performance is not bad, it is possible to be included.

DMOZ does not rule out the commercial station, which is much more than a lot of domestic navigation stations to be fair. Unlike many domestic navigation station, need to pay fee can be included. The grass is found directly online bookstore directory, and then submit the. Of course, the need to communicate with the classification of editors, it is necessary.

mentioned the need to pay attention to the place, the grass said, if the current classification of the editor’s words, to suggest stationmaster on the level or the next higher level for editing, have been found so far. Because the large directory editor is responsible for the entire face classification. Of course。 We find the editor, not to say that he included. Allows him to see whether their site is consistent, or that there is something to be improved.

asked DMOZ what included special requirements, caoshangfei said, some new sites, unless your stand is very new, otherwise it is not included. The overall framework is generally larger. Search engines are included more. This is likely to be included. In addition, you can pay attention to the latest update date in each category. Observation and observation to see if the frequency of the update is faster. Generally a directory update once a month, but now seems to be less and less DMOZ editor, so the update frequency is not so fast.

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