The Ministry of public security supervision of energy saving protagonist arrested


business daily news on the Internet to open the color broadcast theater, upload 102 pornographic videos, Internet users rely on illegal profit. Recently, Wu Public Security Bureau cracked the online dissemination of pornographic material from the Ministry of public security supervision profit case.

in April 30th this year, the pagoda River police station received the Municipal Public Security Bureau Network Monitoring detachment bulletin, said 51 square in a cafe, people through the Internet dissemination of pornographic videos, the case has been classified as cases to the Ministry of public security. After careful investigation, Baota River Police Task Force eventually locked the suspect gao. In May 19th, a high arrested and confessed to the crime.

The investigation of

, a high, Zigui, born in 1983, graduated from primary school. At the time of the incident, 51 square in an Internet cafe as an administrator. Since April this year, a high advantage to do network management, the use of foreign server, in a "VIP cinema" website set up "energy-saving" illegal profit, by netizens hits and IP traffic. As of the incident, a total of a total of more than 150 copies of the film, including the identification of pornographic films as part of the 102. At the same time, since the "energy-saving" launch, users click rate reached 32818.

suspected of online dissemination of pornographic materials, has a high jingfangxingju. Currently, the case is under further investigation.

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