Kang Sheng invited to experience new business owners use QQ account login Discuz forum


with Discuz! X1.5 official version of the publication, use QQ account login forum is also on the line in the official beta site experience! You are invited to participate in the experience, Kang Sheng welcome your valuable comments and suggestions!

The first version of

has implemented the following four functions:

one, the use of QQ account password registration and landing forum more convenient

direct use of QQ account password login forum, in the IE browser can be a key to quickly log on to the user with the most convenient and efficient use of experience. The user does not have to forget the forum account password and worry, which can effectively increase the proportion of the forum login users to stimulate the user posting behavior. Currently through the QQ login Discuz forum new users, the first need to improve user information. The webmaster is completely independent of any information that the user fills in, and the user information is stored independently in the server.

two, while posting optional pushed to the QQ space (title + simple abstract + add)

users can publish the theme of the forum at the same time push the post to QQ space, so that more users to read and share two QQ space. The QQ space will not save the post, only display the title, and preview within 300 words, users want to see the need to click on the link to view the original forum, it will bring additional new flow to the forum.

three, the theme of the forum to share the QQ space (title + simple abstract + add)

users can quickly share the theme of the forum to the QQ space, so that more users of the QQ space to read and share the two (only to share the address Click to view the forum, ibid.). During the test, click on the QQ space to share the address into the Discuz experience station, you will see the top of a blue QQ space toolbar, but in the official version will not show this toolbar. Now you can see through the right button on the toolbar to see the actual effect of the official version, that is, the site displays the true URL address and the full page.

four, a QQ space certification space, and at any time to gather the user station outstanding content pushed to the user


users can add free in the forum to become the site QQ space space certification certification space fans, all the updates will be displayed in the QQ space friends dynamic of its fans, the user can timely attention to the latest developments in the forum. In addition, the space will be fully certified by the owners of independent management and management, the current business is relatively good certification space has a few fans of one hundred thousand. When the owners of the forum quality content address or event information released in the certification room, fans will be viewed in the QQ space friends dynamic, and through the corresponding link into the forum page, so as to improve the viscosity and flow of the forum.

on the QQ login forum, share, and the future of open >

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