My forum system selection experience


      from the end of November last year to now begin to do a website, every independent IP4 million, PV40 million, accumulated some experience. Forum is an essential feature of each site, so I also spent a lot of time to compare different forum systems, more than half a year, the current mainstream of the three forum system (DvBBS/Discuz/PHPwind) I have used it again. The following are some of my experience, from the installation convenience, the use of the process of the problem, search engine friendliness, the official forum free support 3 aspects, I hope to have a certain reference value for beginners.

      1, installation and use experience

      first said A my first website, beginning with PHPWIND 5.0.1, in addition to the interface ugly point, other aspects are also good, installation, backup and recovery of data are very simple, suitable for beginners to use. But after a period of time, I found that the forum is focused on automatic advertising machine, every machine registered ID, and in each sector a poster, need to delete, while PHPWIND supports user name according to bulk delete, but still very depressed. Later in the forum, some people say that you can add a answer option in the registration time, such as the "Beijing Olympic Games which is held in" the correct answer can be registered, I use this method, the effect is immediate, annoying ads swept away. Unfortunately, not a few days, and the machine has been registered, so I immediately registered the document inside the update of a problem, but also peace. So I think this method is still very good.

      some time ago to see a phpwind 5.3.0 version, this version is integrated in the background above said anti machine registration function, not in the need to change the registration files and upload cover, very convenient.

      beginning in March of this year, I had second sites B, because of the A website PHPWIND forum also continues to face machine advertising problems, so this time I choose the DISCUZ installation, backup like PHPWIND is simple, and the background of the classification is relatively clear. Because the DISCUZ search and Qihoo cooperation, so Qihoo forum marketing functions in the discuz background, the whole system is relatively large, I personally hate this, because I do not expect Qihoo to bring traffic to me.
      April, third website C on the line, the content of the website to find the free source code, written in ASP, so as to buy a ASP virtual space, does not support the PHP forum, had to choose a dynamic forum system, a painful period.

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