Google CEO said it would announce AdSense revenue sharing ratio


Beijing time on September 18th morning news, according to foreign media reported on Thursday that few people know what Google from AdSense advertising from how much, but CEO Eric · Schmidt (Eric Schmidt) said, this situation may change in the future.

for publishers, AdSense is a "black box to a great extent". AdSense advertising costs shared by Google and publishers, but in addition to individual large publishers, very few people know how much of the Google extract.

talk about openness and transparency in Google today, this situation is to be broken, Schmidt gives the answer is yes, but the intensity is limited.

Schmidt said: "now we have done very well, just launched 5 years ago, is’ black box’. It is reasonable to accuse us of a lack of transparency. But the reason is not too much, because we have been adjusted."

Schmidt also said: 90% of our partners expressed satisfaction with our silence, because their revenue continued to grow, only about 10% of the reasons for asking us to disclose more detailed information." But Schmidt also pointed out that in the future may provide some relevant information, but not many.

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