Give full play to the positive role of network communication


give full play to the positive role of network communication

for a long time, the social impact of network communication in people’s understanding, mainly focus on the negative, it seems that network brings only evil, not good. In this case, we focus on the network, mainly focused on how to avoid its negative effects, and how to play its positive role in society, whether in theoretical research or practice, are obviously weak

  in order to give full play to the positive role of network communication, we must first understand the mainstream awareness of Internet users. Users in this group, the ideology of evil, misconduct of just a few or even a few, not mainstream Internet users. Because of this, some bad words and deeds on the Internet will often be criticized and condemned by netizens. In this sense, like nature, the network has a certain self purification function

for the trend of network communication, we should pay close attention to, timely response, appropriate guidance, to prevent a variety of negative effects. The network is only a symbol of the information age tools, there is no "benefit" and "disadvantage". To ask what it brings to the human society, the key is to see who will use, how to use: make good use of their advantages, do not use the disadvantages of the user

recently, the two things on the network more interesting, these two things, in a sense, can be seen as a positive role in the social network communication reflects.

one thing is called a "soldier assault" TV quickly became popular in the network spread’s help, became the most popular TV series, a number of TV to replay, some TV stations have been replayed several times. This drama, one does not rely on eye-catching beauty, two no big stars to help out, or even what the hype and hype. However, the play distinctive personality, vivid language, from the art of living truth, not abandon, do not give up the ideal feelings and the spirit of the main line, and Chinese manly beauty of men, the majority of the audience’s favorite. Zhejiang held the audience’s favorite ten drama, the "soldiers assault" far ahead. The play online post comments up to about one million, far more than other hit series.

is worth mentioning is that when the play is not optimistic about the industry, many TV stations even dare not buy, because it has no beauty, no love, no star, the main characters and plot are also living with the passions of the common soldier.

really help soldiers assault popular, is the internet. The summer of 2007, "soldier assault" in the Baidu post heat rise suddenly, within a few months, every day there are more than three digits of the new post, the outbreak speed can be compared with the 2005 Super Girl jump red speed. Some have seen the play users published on the Internet that show links, reflects the Chinese man with ideal spirit, tenacity, the beauty of the atmosphere. Thus it can be seen that the Internet has a great role in reflecting the real aesthetic taste of the masses

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