burn the network to complete the first phase of the revision burn a full page update


today (May 12th) I burned the network to complete the first phase of the revision work, I burn the home page for a comprehensive update. All along, many users are concerned about my burning network, accompanied by my network to grow together. There are also many netizens put forward valuable opinion, many users reflect I burn nets although very point, but the page design is not very good, not what attraction, and feel content or slightly less. We also found these problems, and made a timely adjustment of the home page, the new I burned the original page lost the old and single, the overall page design more attractive, more passionate.

I burned a new version of

content is more rich, updated daily articles to hundreds of articles, let you enjoy a variety of views bring impact to your blog. This time I joined the network to burn 5 new columns, respectively, I eat to eat, I burn sports, social news, character and film and television commentary, let me burn the content more comprehensive, like to burn my friends more choices. When I burn the net, you will find what you like.

here I would like to thank those who support me to burn the network, for us to put forward the views of netizens, your support is our biggest motivation, but also the opportunity to continue to advance my network. I will go forward courageously, the next step will be some changes in the details of the final launch of three-dimensional blog, please look forward to!

– I burn nets

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