BT rectification storm curtain network download to face the survival test


"how can I live without BT?" just this past weekend, the phrase was born. From the beginning of last Friday evening, some users found that BT China alliance website can not visit. Followed by the major forum search, BT China alliance can not open, BT China Union can not go on, has become a hot word users search. In the network rumors come out, the pressure of public opinion gradually formed in the background, BTChina founder, webmaster Huang Xiwei stressed that the relevant departments informed the day off, I will close."

mainstream BT sites have been shut down

7, originally filled a variety of film and television variety show, the download link BTChina home, leaving only an announcement, "BTCHINA received SARFT notice, because there is no audio-visual license, so the Ministry to delete the record number off station. About my safety problems, once again proved that online rumors are not credible." And this page will be closed later".

thus, many rumors of the original BTChina event on this end, including the arrest of BTChina webmaster Huang Xiwei rumors.

but for BT download, the rectification of the big screen has just opened, the whole weekend, a number of BT sites have issued a similar announcement. Seymor BT station, long man BT, Kay God BT alliance had already been closed.

in mid November, SARFT announced on the "garden of Eden BT& subtitles download area" 111 audio-visual program service sites were closed, including the "garden of Eden", "BT Chinese alliance" and "bird" and other domestic several major BT website.

to yesterday, many mainstream BT download sites have been unable to log on, even if there is no shutdown can still log in, but also quietly changing the content of the service, and even began to prepare for the domain name change. For example, a relatively large BT video download forum, long bird film forum, has announced the transformation of the rectification, after the transformation of the birds will be based on the text of the film reviews, before a variety of BT downloads will gradually shield."

strict remediation has been threatened

from the view of each BT site, this round of remediation has been threatened.

in early 2008, SARFT issued a notice: "to provide video services company, must obtain" information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit ", and must be state-owned or state-owned holding company". That year in the Internet audio and video services for multiple checks, at least 43 sites were closed.

in March 30th this year, SARFT issued a news release, said the closure of 162 audio visual website. In September, SARFT reiterated the website of Internet audio-visual program service test card operation. However, there is still no public attention until the rectification storm intensified, and hit the BTChina body, which attracted the attention of many Internet users.


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