WeChat public brush brush black industry chain 15 yuan brush the amount of reading 1000


micro-blog and WeChat fans, set praise, and even share forwarding, public registration number, as long as there are people willing to spend money.

not long ago, WeChat has been adjusted, open public account of each article to read the number, and the user’s point of praise for the article number. This allows all the public number, service number "naked" exposure in front of the user, whose popularity by reading the amount of public accounts at a glance, this move for some "water", very large public anxiety, then move up the brush amount of reading thoughts.

reporter found that in Taobao, watercress and many other sites, there have been brush reading information, and popularity is not bad. "1000 reading amount is 15 yuan, the amount of 10000 reading is 120 yuan, the amount is large." There are businesses reported such a price. Fraud brush reading seems to have become a black industry chain, but also let people think about a problem – who controls the amount of reading in WeChat


"show the amount of reading", "fraud" to smell opportunities

show the amount of reading, is playing WeChat’s friends recently noticed topic. A popular article may attracted tens of thousands of reading volume and nearly a thousand points of praise, and an advertising text full of water, even if the public number of articles published claims to have thousands of fans, but hundreds of the amount of reading will immediately display the back.

reporter on the phone WeChat, plus a number of cafes, dessert shop WeChat public. These micro signal initially scan code sent by way of preferential accumulation of a lot of fans, the amount of reading now they are issued daily "essay" was very limited.

"knife" is a well-known WeChat public number of operators. He told reporters, showing the amount of reading has a great influence on some commercial heavier, more flamboyant; WeChat account, and for emphasis, "material" account, the amount of reading is basically the strength of solid proof.

"read some public number before all the background data, sometimes in order to pull the business sponsor, with some resort to deceit way to cheat, and now WeChat read as clear as noonday displayed on the page, placed in front of the user, who can not be fooled who." "Knife" said.

so, the same WeChat users have been clicking on an article, whether you can enhance the amount of reading it, the reporter tried to find the same IP up to 5 times the amount of reading.

however, the reporters found that many businesses smell WeChat "to show the amount of reading" opportunities, in Taobao, watercress and other popular web sites, "brush reading" advertising posts in the minority, and popularity is not bad.

brush read the appearance, so that rose pink, brush click and other false industrial chain once again exposed in front of the public.

looking for someone to brush reading, more than half a minute to read 100

on a web site, the reporter search brush reading volume, a

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