Juju cat broadband treasure site bundled third party software to make millions


Nanfang Daily (reporter / Xin Junqing correspondent / Chen Yunfei) according to a preliminary police investigation, the Juju website released by treasure cat broadband bundled third party software piracy Windows since 2011, only cooperation from the five companies earn promotion fee about 13000000. Recently, the author from the Zhaoqing Municipal People’s Procuratorate, not long before the United States Microsoft (micro-blog) company report, Provincial Public Security Bureau of economic investigation of Zhaoqing Municipal Public Security Bureau joint police cracked the infringement of copyright Microsoft Corp case, is transferred to the prosecution prosecution.

suspects Wang Moujian set up Juju cat broadband treasure site, and break the Microsoft Corp of genuine software, bundled third party software inside, upload it to the web site is available for users to download, to earn the third party company’s huge promotion expenses from.

identified the suspect Wang Moujian in 2002 to set up Juju broadband cat treasure site, the site has registered jujumao.com, jujumao.net, jujumao.cn and other domain names under the forum, software download site, BT download site, site navigation, driver wizard sub site. In normal operating at the same time, to enhance the popularity and traffic, and then get more advertising, promotion fee and member donations, initially in the website provided by netizens spontaneously making, uploading pirated Microsoft windows (Microsoft Windows) operating system software for free download, and to actively invite people to make piracy the Microsoft windows operating system software, released to the site for free download.

from the beginning of 2007, the suspect Wang Moujian has hired a Mouwen, once the big et al produce different versions of the Microsoft windows operating system software piracy, and bundled with 100 × in the search bar, search; × Pinyin input method, × Kim; PowerWord, cool music box, and × × cooperative software search tools and three party, and then made into BT seeds posted to the Juju website for Internet treasure cat broadband, free download. The release of these pirated Microsoft windows operating system software, but also greatly enhance the site’s hits and search volume, driven by other advertising, promotion gains.

suspects Wang Moujian, with the help of network software, advertising and bundling interests of the chain and then the implementation of piracy and other economic crimes, seriously damaged the copyright of Microsoft Corp. According to the investigation, since 2011 Juju cat treasure site provides broadband download pirated version of the Windows operating system software downloads reached 15870 copies, only from 100 × ×, ×, search; Ali; × ×, ×, Kim; cool; five cooperation enterprises to obtain promotion fee is reached 13730842.42 yuan.

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