51 underwater business exposure separate launch of 2 independent video dating network


February 26th, the media began to report the news: the giant network released in 2012 Q4 results, the company on 2008 investment 240 million 700 thousand yuan has been doing 51.com website ($38 million 600 thousand) for impairment. Shi Yuzhu invested $51 million in 51.com in the past 4 and a half years shrunk nearly 80%.

this loss also led to the giant network Q4 net profit of 82 million 700 thousand yuan (about $13 million 300 thousand), down 66.4% over the same period last year, down from the previous quarter, a decrease of 73.5%.

gangster Shi Yuzhu 51 has led to huge loss of investment book thrown on the 51 moment remember Ma and Shi Yuzhu in the teeth of the storm, together to watch the 51, the former to the latter part of the story of the last.

media perspective is a simple focus on the 51 transition to do page tour. After many days of hunting cloud network investigation, interviewed a number of people familiar with the details of the development on the 51, more real.

51 force game

According to

senior people close to Pang Shengdong revealed to hunt cloud network, SNS blocked the development after 51 in 2011 began planning the transition to the web game, the first half of 2012 officially started, to the second half of 2012 51 gaming positions has become the cover pool, Webpage Game research Webpage Game, client games, mobile phone games (the end of joint venture do some new game business). People familiar with the matter say the current pool is the best paid.

as for revenue, revenue monthly water has more than 20 million. But compared with many small web hosting companies, this performance is not particularly prominent, but there is no problem such as billions of years.

previously, hunting cloud network has exclusive coverage of the 51 internal IPO announced this year to. According to another person familiar with the situation, 51 for investors is the transformation of the SNS gaming community. The executives also revealed to hunt cloud network, according to the letter SNS in the same game Shanghai Kai Ying Network Technology Co. Ltd. also has the participation of Pang Shengdong.

underwater business exposure

game is just 51 floating in the water business, after several days of investigation. Hunting cloud network as well as a 51, the current monthly income of millions of level but the rapid development of business without exposure.

is a video dating industry veteran K revealed to hunt cloud network, 51 has been low-key to enter the video industry in addition to the joint operation of friends, v.51.com, 51, he also launched a separate 2 independent video dating sites: 179.com and ku123.com. Hunting cloud network visit these two sites, and the ordinary video dating website is not.

hunting cloud network filing system from the query, found that 179.com and ku123.com really belong to Shanghai I want to network development limited company.


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