Nandu year third notice network rectification of small sites for the winter



January 15, 2010 in advance of the cover street during the third period of the "Nandu weekly": rectification of


cover: network rectification

is no longer free lunch, no body Sheng colourful, even out of the cooks in the kitchen, must also take the examination according to the release, of course, the premise is that the cook was 1 million of the net worth, but also have a stable backing.

if the Chinese Internet compared to the kitchen, the kitchen in 2009, significantly stepped up supervision. It makes no threshold used in and out of the China Internet practitioners and netizens, helpless, helpless, even a wail.

it all began in the second half of last year, large-scale Internet regulation caused by the hit mobile phone jurisprudence site, first off to clean the BT download site, then take a blanket means check for all sites, personal domain name. The flurry of rectification movement, was dug a lot in porn and vulgar websites at the same time, many small sites in the formal norm, became a victim of the storm.

Chinese throughout the Internet every time the movement is not only a reshuffle of the Internet industry, it means that some have already penetrated into real life website, perhaps will no longer exist, while the new giant, such as CCTV or CNTV will rise. Accustomed to downloading information and entertainment on the Internet users, will also start a new network life.


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January 15, 2010 issue.

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