Talk about the reasons why failed to do the station


      1, fuzzy positioning, just started to make a big mistake.

      2, blindly follow the trend, at the beginning I heard that the site can make a lot of money to do a, and later found that the promotion is too difficult to build, and gave up.

      3, website group, at the beginning, I was learning HAO123 website group, later found after completion, update the amount is too big, and had to give up some of the station, I want to say is, after you do website group for a flow station to consider doing station mutual promotion group, this was more effective.

      4, due to the lack of perseverance, started not what experience, see a good entertainment station do I do traffic entertainment station, and later heard that BBS do, do stand a few years I have always failed to adhere to a distinctive feature of the station has been developed. In fact, what station started will be in a vacuum state, there is no effective promotion, traffic is not the promotion itself is a very hard thing, so I want to tell you a good location, must adhere to the promotion.

      above is what I do stand a few years of failure experience, I hope to help the webmaster brothers, but also my original intention.

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