YouTube grassroots brush account 20 year old Finland Sao year to earn 44 million





William Wolfram at the age of 15 he showed amazing commercial talent, he dedicated to brush YouTube above the grassroots account at that time, to see who the video fire will spend 50 to 100 dollars to buy back the other side of the ID, and then add some video description related links. For example, a video description of a skateboard on the water to buy a skateboard link, if you look at the video point of the link to buy, then William will receive a certain amount of.

this way for those linked to the shop to bring a total of about $500 thousand of business, and William also earned a lot of pocket money. With this money, the 16 year old William launched the first real sense of the company – the online auction platform DealDash, which is what happened about 3 years ago.

DealDash is not a well-known site, but now there are nearly 1 million users, the company has a staff of $44 million last year, revenues of $67, net profit of $1 million. These three years, DealDash’s revenue is growing at a rate of 4 times a year.

in fact, what DealDash does is not cool, is an auction platform. The auction platform runs like this: for example, a iPad for $20 was being made, there are 100 people in the auction, and ultimately only one person to take, the other 99 people bid all owned website, it is the same color as the Liuhe mechanism. William lost $50 on a web site, and after that, it wanted to reduce the risk and loss of bidders, so DealDash.


DealDash, a commodity yuan cheap put online auction, buyers bid, bid for 10 seconds after no one bid to bid, auction and someone will automatically delay 10 seconds, the last bid people take goods. Usually cheaper than the retail price of 60% to 99%. For without the people, if they choose to click "buy now" to buy the same product in the DealDash close to the retail price (the main source of profit, so the website) before the auction bid can not pay.

DealDash and "angry birds" and "tribal war" is a fellow, but this is a place rich in games. The William website also added some game elements, such as every time after a successful auction site on the right there is a bar display full of blood, and buy more faster and upgrade mechanism, after adding these elements, the website user stickiness Willam doubled 6 times, now every user’s residence time on the site the average.

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