ndependent shop marketing VS independent shop function


online shop more and more friends, there are successful, unsuccessful. For many reasons, but more or less and the promotion of the shop, there is something. Is not afraid of deep alley in a go not to. Good but also will call. Especially in the Internet, many network operators themselves on the Internet do not understand. A lot of practical methods can be used in the Internet has not worked. How can let more people come to our shop to shop, come in, and can introduce more people, is what we need to think about the shop.

a lot of online shopping systems have done a lot of effort, and we did not actually use these good features. Now we are well-known domestic independent shop system HiShop, for example, and we look at how to use the function of the shop itself to promote marketing.

promotion program

buy one, buy a few to send a few full discount, full fee free, quota free shipping, bundling, is a very good promotional activities. To better stimulate customer spending. To improve the sales amount of online shop.

shop integral function

basically all independent shop has this feature. Such as "new egg" integral application is better. Shop points and the store gift coupons are somewhat similar, but there are more advantages. In general, the coupon denomination is limited, and easily lost, so the actual effect is limited, and is integral with online registered users associated with long-term preservation in the database web site, so it has more practical value, but also more attractive to customers. And the integral can be directly in the shop for gifts, and the exchange of gifts can also be controlled, good use can better increase the viscosity of customers.

agent function

this feature seems to be only HiShop independent shop system unique, other shop system has not been found, this feature is more powerful, so take out to share with you. In fact, this feature is a can let the owner and customers can win the function, when the user registration, the administrator for this user to open a proxy authority, the customer will get a unique ID connection address. Through this connection address to buy goods, customers will be able to get the corresponding price commission. So as to create value for the owner, and users. And with the authority of the agent, but also in the development of sub agents, offline in the development of offline, thus forming the consumption patterns of Pyramid. This is more conducive to the shop’s word of mouth marketing, increase the consistency between the shop owners and customers. Allow customers to help you develop customers. Only to create value for customers, customers will be willing to create more value for us.


said: as long as the shop operators are well served by itself independent shop promotion, promotion is also the success of the 1/3 methods, some far away, can produce some benefits. But it is more important to retain customers. Only in the shop itself to do better, we can develop faster, go farther.

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