Tencent domain mail service began beta


(September 10th) – Tencent, the mailbox has been open to the public domain mailbox function experience, users can own the domain name as the mailbox suffix, free to open their own offices, set the one and only the personality of the mailbox.

it is understood that the domain name mailbox is Tencent Inc launched a personalized mail service. If you have a domain name, only through a simple set, you can create your domain name as the mailbox suffix mailbox. Love custom account name and the mailbox logo, you create a domain mail account can be arbitrarily assigned, do not worry about the problem of love was registered user name. Users simply visit domain.mail.qq.com you can immediately create a domain name mailbox, the user can also log in QQ mailbox, in the settings in the experience room to find the domain name of the mailbox service entrance.





analysis of stakeholders, e-mail has been one of the Internet user communication, Internet users also increased demand for the post office. Currently providing free service post office has Microsoft Live and Google Apps, Tencent relies on a huge user base, the opening of the domain name mailbox service, will undoubtedly become the biggest competitors in the previous two service providers. According to reports, this service is still in constant adjustment and development, will be released in the form of edge adjustment, allowing users to experience the first time.

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