Best digital domain name 68 cn transactions have been transferred 7 digit turnover


renamed China ( November 21st hearing, prior to September had spread to 7 digit price by the domain name investors need to take monster digital domain name, master again recently, buyers of Zisha CEO and domain name investors Xiao Yang.


registered in 2003 the digital domain name, homophonic to "the number" 6 "has great meaning," 8 "in Italy," 68 "this is a combination of luck and fortune set in one," arrange again "meaning, perfect appearance. The domain name is suitable to build financial platform, lottery website, financing platform, etc.. In addition, the buyer Xiao Yang hands as well as, and digital domain name industry (Yixing) and Larry domain

digital domain name is universal, not subject to industry and geographical restrictions, a wide range of applications, great investment and value, with a good sense of the 2 digital domain name is a limited number of valuable. It was very convenient to have the price of 8 million 400 thousand yuan to get the domain name The other best digital domain name, was recently transferred to tens of millions of dollars level transactions.

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