SARFT rectify BT download site thunder VERYCD prospects worrying


December 7th

depth reports, under copyright pressure at the same time, the domestic BT download sites also pay attention to the SARFT, the Ministry of culture and other departments, industry wither and order reorganization has become an inevitable trend.

December 6th morning, BT China Alliance ( chief Huang Xiwei arrested rumors, let Huang Yimeng be startled at Verycd station. He hurriedly to Huang Xiwei made a phone call, heard that the other party is nothing, just a long sigh of relief. However, the BT Chinese alliance because of incomplete documents was closed in fact, still let Huang Meng hung up.

BT China Alliance and Verycd are well-known B2T download site. Sharing site the Pirate Bay in August this year closed on the famous BT, after the four founders by the Swedish court sentenced to imprisonment for 1 years, the domestic BT share a website for the first time to usher in "life and death exams". Even thunder and other documents full of commercial companies, you must also be careful from the copyright side and the dual test of government regulation.

BTChina six years of history into the past

from the beginning of December 4th, in the film and television enthusiasts in high visibility BT download search engine "BT China Alliance (" began to access, according to the owners of Huang Xiwei later revealed that the site for the management of incomplete documents was closed, there is no plan to reopen. This also means that the establishment of 6 years BT China alliance is likely to disappear completely on the internet.

BT China alliance was founded in 2003, is a Chinese BT search engine, in the form of alliances and other BT sites to cooperate. According to the website traffic statistics agency Alexa data, BT China Alliance ( current Alexa comprehensive ranking of 3916, daily access to IP about 250 thousand.

The specific cause of the BT

Chinese alliance shutdown, due to the lack of SARFT’s "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit" to the SARFT, the Ministry issued a closed BT Chinese alliance document, the Ministry canceled China alliance website record number BT.

, according to Huang Xiwei’s description, this is not the first time BT China Union received the impact of regulatory policy, the government’s original requirements can not do, we do not do. We can’t do it now, we’ll give it up."

with the rise of the Internet, the Internet is becoming more and more attention to copyright and government regulation. Prior to this, Seymor BT station, long man BT, Kay God BT alliance and other BT sharing sites have been closed, and wow honk and other P2P software is also due to reasons such as the relevant departments named huang.

Under the pressure of

, many still in the operation of the P2P audio video sharing site was forced to transition, and even started preparing for domain name change. The day before, the Tencent of science and technology can be seen in a website called "BT day" on the first page of the top of the page position announcement said, this.

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