Raise the dead how to lose the start up companies in China and the United States supporters


[Abstract] after one or two years of explosive growth, the prospect of the congregation to raise the model is facing more and more questioned.


deep network is the introduction of the original depth of Tencent technology report columns, mining TMT hot companies in the field, events and characters in the secret story, to explore the underlying logic behind.

deep network report group Wang Pan reported on April 7th

this is a GoPro style advertising promotional video: beside the vast expanse of the sea, a wearing black sunglasses, wearing a white T-shirt man standing hand in Boulder a drone almost smaller than the palm of your hand jumped up, toward the distant sky. This is the city of Shenzhen Sheng Xiang Technology Development Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Sheng Xiang Technology") launched UAV flying formothion palm self launched to raise page promotional video in the Jingdong.

even drones small white users, to see such a wonderful picture is also difficult to move. The project originally planned to raise 1 million yuan, but ultimately to score 3 million 500 thousand yuan over the task; in the United States after second to raise public website Indiegogo, formothion UAV also completed a huge amount of financing of $3 million 310 thousand.

but unfortunately the video is just video.

this UAV after delivery, experience at home and abroad to raise public users one-sided accusations, suspected of false propaganda in many product details.

In addition to

formothion, Kickstarter in the United States, Indiegogo, the congregation raised platform, as well as Cabin, Wicoz, Trasense and many other Hard Suits Inc from Chinese projects and products are overseas users accused. These companies are too much more than fruit, when they raise the success of the site in the Kickstarter after all, let all the chips for several years, has not yet shipped, finally causing foreign netizens condemning, such as "apology", "trash", "liar" and "refund" this the words in the congregation raised platform everywhere.

fact, after one or two years of explosive growth, the prospect of the congregation to raise the model is facing more and more questioned. Data show that, despite the public to raise the amount of funds raised in the industry, but at the same time, the public platform to drop one after another. 2015 full year, there are at least 40 public platform to raise the collapse of the public, the public platform to raise the transformation of the 26.

all the chips really go to the end of the model


a serious loss of UAV


iPhone with a camera, infrared obstacle avoidance, GPS automatically follow a takeoff and landing, real-time image transmission, compact, only 120mm wheelbase, carbon fiber blades, mobile power can also buy 10000 ma." This is to introduce formothion to raise public projects.


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