Prophets Of Rage Tear Up Brooklyn With Outstanding Surprise Show [Video/Setlist/Review]


first_imgThe show then came to a close with “Killing in the Name,” with song’s refrain of “Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me!” serving as a rallying cry for all fans to rage with the band one more time. The crowd responded in kind, as the entire audience screamed along with the lyrics and thrashed around with their middle fingers in the sky. When the show ended and the lights were turned on, there wasn’t a single person in the room who wasn’t dripping in sweat, and every fan left the venue with huge smiles on their faces, in disbelief at the incredible show they’d just witnessed.Check out more videos of this amazing show below, and also check here for information on their recently-announced tour, bringing the band to arenas and amphitheatres this Fall.“Fight The Power”/”No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn” (courtesy of themeboudin/youtube)“Testify” (courtesy of Sub-Culture Presents/youtube)“Know Your Enemy” -> “The Party’s Over”(courtesy of danimal710/youtube)“Killing in the Name” (courtesy of themeboudin/youtube)“(Rock) Superstar” The rest of the set featured P.E.’s “Shut ‘Em Down,” a Rage-ified cover of Cypress Hill’s “How I Could Just Kill A Man,” and Rage’s “Know Your Enemy” and “Bullet In Your Head.” The Prophets also played their lone new song, called “The Party’s Over.” The end of the show saw the Prophets returning to Rage Against The Machine’s strongest material, as the show’s finale began with a charged-up version of “Bulls on Parade.” Prophets of Rage played an incredible, earth-shattering last-minute show last night in Brooklyn. The supergroup, made up of Tom Morello, Tim Commerford, and Brad Wilk of Rage Against The Machine, Chuck D. and DJ Lord of Public Enemy, and B-Real of Cypress Hill, were set to bring their new project to Governor’s Ball for a quick 30 minute surprise set on Sunday when weather cancelled the day. Within one hour of its cancellation, Morello tweeted his battle cry to the world, announcing that “NOTHING can stop” Prophets of Rage from playing in NYC, and to stay tuned for more information. After the first two songs, the crowd was ready to explode with anticipation, and the band met their excitement with the opening shuffle of “Guerilla Radio”. The rest of the first set was filled with Rage classics like “Bombtrack”, “People of the Sun”, and “Take The Power Back”, P.E.’s “Miuzi Weighs A Ton” and Cypress Hill’s “(Rock) Superstar.” The Prophets closed out the set with an exciting “Testify”, after which they left the stage for a short break.During this break, Chuck D., B-Real, and DJ Lord ran through a hip hop medley, performing parts of Cypress Hill favorites “Hand On the Pump,” “Insane in the Brain,” and “I Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That,” as well as Public Enemy classics “Bring The Noise,” “Welcome to the Terrordome” and “Can’t Truss It.”After this 15 minute hip hop break, Prophets of Rage returned to the stage for the show’s final segment with a raucous “Sleep Now in the Fire”, sending the crowd into a moshing frenzy. An hour later, the official word came that the band would be playing the intimate Greenpoint venue Warsaw, and that all proceeds from the concert would benefit the charitable organization WhyHunger. Fans quickly flocked to the Polish/Punk space to line up for tickets, and within an hour the line stretched around a full city block. At 5pm, fans were able to purchase one wristband-per-person ($20 per wristband, $10 with a Gov Ball wristband on), and staff members wearing “Make America Rage Again” hats told fans to return for doors at 8pm to avoid the approaching rainfall.After the massive downpour passed, returning concert-goers were lucky to witness an equally-massive full rainbow floating over Greenpoint that seemed to lead directly to Warsaw. Fans surely found their pot of gold, as Prophets of Rage would blow the roof off the venue with a high energy, politically charged show that featured huge hits, awesome covers, and a band that seemed ready to take over the world.Taking the stage at 9:05pm after a warmup set of Hip Hop classics from DJ Lord, Prophets of Rage wasted no time getting down, opening the show with a funky mashup of Public Enemy’s “Fight The Power” and Beastie Boys‘ aptly titled “No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn.” The Prophets then played the song that gave the project its name, P.E.’s “Prophets Of Rage”, and really set the crowd off with its fun new metal-esque arrangement.last_img

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