How do startups get media coverage News of the biggest competitor


Abstract: the 1 biggest hijack your competitors news; 2 hijacked your industry major news release; 3 write your own special articles; and 4 other startups; 5 and 6 media interactive; abandon the news release; 7 let the media reports the initiative.


media coverage is a powerful booster for start-up companies, but it is a very time consuming task for startups to seek media coverage that will prevent you from focusing on your products or customers. In addition, you may face a lack of public relations budget dilemma. The dilemma, what is?

1 hijack your biggest rival news

when you are a start-up company, you may not be well-known in the press. It will be difficult for you to immediately get news or a fascinating title in a prominent position – at least for the first time.

fortunately, most of the time there will be a rival that you can compare with in this way to highlight what you’re doing better.

in our case, the opponent is the Google reminder (Google Alerts). We have an easy job to do on Mention to create a reminder to monitor it, we use them to make all the changes – whether they will function or offline products (like Google reader to rumors they popular do).

, for example, when Google stopped providing RSS subscription service, we gave reporters a title titled Google terminate RSS alert service, Mention to provide you with the news report. This method can also make you……

2 hijack your industry’s major release news

hijacking news (Newsjacking) is a term coined by David meerman. Scott (David Meerman Scott) is created, it’s the idea behind the reporters are always looking for unexpected news — or is looking for ways to expand the existing story. Make your product "parasitic" into a good product news is an extremely effective way to attract media attention. Things will get easier when you can use a tool like PressKing to locate the press.


Mention we have done a lot of things like: from the hijacked Apple released iOS7 News — consult this French News – French president to visit Silicon Valley, we use the press release "SaaS in France is booming" announced the release of 37Studio in our shared office space.

just need to choose a topic that you think you can relate to, and contact interested journalists to provide them with valuable content that will drive the story they’re telling.

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