Four ways to improve the content of creativity and interaction


when it comes to the creativity of the content, we usually focus on the main content to enhance the credibility of the content, it seems that we are writing a series of books, however, the blog is not a book. In fact, there is a big difference between the content of blogs and books on the Internet, mainly because they can interact with each other in real time. It is a kind of two-way multimedia interactive environment, not a static isolated text.

The following four methods of

can increase the interactivity between the author and the reader, increase the contact between the two sides, and make the blog author become the producer of the innovative content.

1, encourage comments

encourages comment is the most obvious way to increase the author and the reader interaction, this comment is better than simply asking the reader at the end to ask some questions to encourage comments and discussions can guide strong readers.

2, the problem is converted to content

One of the easiest ways for

is simply to invite the reader to ask questions and then answer these questions openly to create novel and unique content. Why is this a good idea, because it’s a way to grab your attention and focus on the questions that your readers are most interested in, and they will be a challenge to the readers themselves.

3, reader activity

some of the blogs will be assigned to the reader with some tasks, assignments and comments that will bring a lot of value.

4, the use of multimedia

from now on, you will see more and more content in the form of multimedia display, in an interactive way to increase contact.


these four methods are very helpful to increase the interaction between the author and the reader, but there may be some other good ways, if you want to share your views and opinions, you can post comments.

English Original: Four Easy to Innovative Content With Interactivity

Create WaysFour simple ways to improve content creation and interaction

Chinese Translation: William Long

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