Free Taobao shop promotion methods and techniques



is a super market, more and more businesses at the same time, more and more buyers, in the face of huge business opportunities, fierce competition of natural, in the face of Taobao online "Diamond clouds, crown gathered, competition is fierce and many webmaster dream by online shopping tide into Taobao. 86 supply today to share five free Taobao shop promotion methods.

a, Taobao baby keyword optimization promotion

Taobao baby keyword optimization is imperative. Because the name of the baby directly affects the number of baby search (search engine is based on the name of the baby keywords search matching), because we can set the relevant keywords in Taobao.

1, our baby name to contain keywords, is conducive to search.

2, with the precise location of keywords and try to use custom order, custom user search habits

3, the appropriate use of space and phrases collocation, play the key word positioning clear, eye-catching and can be the most likely to be searched.


forum posting replies

1, do not send advertising directly, you think it is very straightforward thing is the most useless things, but also take up all the time, empathy, you will see the advertising posts or replies will see? In addition, direct advertisers will pull black Oh! So don’t do harm people are not selfish

!2, the

forum is a learning exchange place, if you want to mix a familiar face will be more post replies, some friends said, in essence not post, I do not agree with this view, can write the best essence, but every so many posts and how many can be fine with it and we do not post? And how can write the essence? In the process of post or continue thinking research, it is a process of accumulation of experience is like the Taobao


3, post finished how fine, talk about the experience forums are a fine channel, you may not find, write a good post must remember to fine Oh, when Shen Jing first optimistic fine format, do not delay their events because of the small


three, Taobao shop to add links between

and Links are mutually beneficial things, so you can make two store buyers flow! Of course setting Links also pay attention to, first of all peers of course not, I think this is a seller will pay attention to, another link shop is the best selling and their shops are interrelated products that is to say, the same store consumer groups, which can not only improve your store collection, but also can increase your exposure, is an effective method, and now the baby search rankings and collection has a relationship, it is important that only in the heart more than two of buyers credit collection can improve the collection the value of


four, the store will log in to the major search engines

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