Ping promotion series two how to use Baidu promotion


originally I want to Baidu into Wikipedia, know, space, collection, post bar + case to explain in detail, and now will be a series of Baidu talk.

Baidu Encyclopedia:

from the first mention it, a lot of friends that can be used within a few hours is the use of Baidu encyclopedia.

encyclopedia can not only be used to be included in Baidu, in fact, there are a lot of key words flow is very large, such as sex, sexual intercourse, and so on, many times every day by Wikipedia to bring me almost 1WIP. Of course, you may not catch the hot words, catch some words related to your topic, every day as long as a few, a month after the flow is not non.

allows Baidu to agree to modify keywords also have skills, for example, you can say: "too many ads, I remove the ad", "layout is too messy, I sort of". These changes are relatively easy to allow Baidu to verify through.

Baidu know:

Baidu know for other products, the use of relatively low value, in the search rankings are relatively high, in general I used to compete with some small keywords.

in Baidu know the use of 200 points can bring 100-300IP, mainly to see the extent of the problem and the hot plate, the first to send a 100 points for help, so he lined up to second pages plus 50 points to him before the row. A lot of friends are using a new way of asking questions. But I tell you, in fact, the high popularity of the district is better, the location of the row is more durable, the crowd is also higher quality.

Baidu space

Baidu can be said to be my most love products before, now is not as high authority, but does not prevent us from continuing to use him, my Baidu space is generally used to beat competitors use, the use of locomotive, other content acquisition and then sent to the Baidu space, Baidu space time is just out of authority I was high, Baidu space IP day more than 2 thousand, the main opponent he sucked IP, now the effect is not so good, you can still use the.

Baidu collection

In fact, the

collection value is not large, is to speed up the Baidu included only, can also increase the chain! Although the effect can not see, but I like, sometimes I send an article and then submitted to the favorites, the second day be search included, add while the other is not included. Sometimes I want to let Baidu new sites also use him. At present, the effect is not obvious, my 90 Poly has not been included in the 3 months.

Baidu post bar

Baidu post bar operation is good to bring the IP is the ideal, sometimes a post a few days without sinking may bring more than IP 1W (listen to some friends say 1 days 1W, but I have not tried). The most important thing is to find ways to make people reply, I used to bubble school network sent a look for a rich husband". Take a good photo on the Internet, plus yourself

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