Analysis of the form of online advertising market for the promotion of advertising


recently busy making preparations for publicity and promotion for the website, especially in network advertising claims under preparation. The rapid development of e-commerce has led to the prosperity of the online advertising industry. Taobao, pat, Alibaba, the website and so on, the cost of advertising is not a high amount, and continued to show growth momentum. The ads also need to bear the high risk, to avoid the drain of tragic scenes, put on a study of Internet advertising.

search engine advertising: mainly focus on the competitive ranking form, Google search engine keywords free promotional activities also have contact with, because it is the working staff to help set Google keyword, the effect is not obvious. Although there is a vicious form of competition, vicious competition, but it is still a relatively mature form of advertising, the main purpose is to use the client more clearly. Is also the main target consumer groups.

large portal: Sina, Sohu, Tencent, NetEase four portals advertising revenue accounted for 96.2% of the share of the portal advertising market. At present, most of China’s traffic gathering place, bringing together the parties, different levels of age. The content of a large portal website contains a wide range of users to access the target is not strong, but users of such sites have a high sense of trust. Such as Sina, Sohu and other major news or information based browsing, social criticism of the majority of the event. From the amount of advertising on the website, such advertising rates are very high, the general enterprise and individual strengths.

industry portal: professional relatively strong, the crowd characteristics are more obvious, more obvious target customers. At the same time, the competitiveness is relatively large, the same industry in the industry portal on the possibility of advertising is very large. Consumers have more choices. In the non centralized sales platform, such as industry consulting website is a little better. Our web site is a supermarket belonging to the IT will consider the choice of industry portal.

local portal: regional division is obvious, according to different geographical needs can try this type of advertising, the amount of this type of site is relatively dominant. But because of its geographical limitations, the effect of advertising may not achieve the desired results.

instant messaging advertising: as people on the Internet through instant tools, we have a large number of users, applications such as: QQ, MSN and for the trading platform Taobao Ali Wangwang, contains a huge commercial value, has great appeal for advertising. High access rate and high exposure to this kind of advertising position has a high degree of trust, is a very promising form of online advertising.

advertising alliance: mainly in accordance with the actual effect of online advertising to the site owners to pay reasonable advertising costs, but the advertising alliance advertising model has not yet been widely recognized advertisers. At present domestic advertising advertising large uneven in quality, the advantage is that the income is.

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