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from Baidu, GOOLE, YAHOO find website promotion resources

webmasters do a good job site, then the first thing must be thinking about how to promote their own website.

to promote their own site, the positioning of the target group is very critical, otherwise there is less traffic quality, no significance. To find a good target group is the first to know each other’s EMAIL or SMS, and then focus on the target group EMAIL marketing. In particular, the regional professional website and regional consumer website is more important. Find the target group of the EMAIL/ message, most people first must have thought of EMAIL mass, bulk SMS software, of course, some software really easy to use, but at least hundreds of thousands of open RMB, for small Adsense or too much, had no choice but to move their heads.

below to talk about how I was to save the cost of a small experience, so that we can exchange. You need to filter out the EMAIL and mobile phone number from the Internet, in fact many methods, for I stop pushing me (www.tuituiwo.cn), so I achieved the goal, according to the needs of regional positioning in Dongguan, then I found features from Baidu word "Dongguan email", then Baidu will find a stack with Dongguan EMAIL, the next step is the key, is how to collect the information we need? I was divided into several steps: first, here crawl with "Dongguan email" Baidu web page; second: find the EMAIL or mobile phone number to use regular expressions; third: the data are automatically sent to my fourth: database; legitimacy, check the EMAIL fifth: the cycle of data collection, finally released by automatically sending out software. After these five steps, ha ha, the basic goal to achieve, a penny does not spend, the real site to promote free out.

, of course, to achieve the above five steps, the necessary programming is indispensable. Here I would like to talk about the first step in the first step of the data collection methods. To grab the "Dongguan email" Baidu web site page, here to use xmlhttp to achieve some of the features of the collection, the following I will post this function for reference:

function send_request (URL) {

var codedtext;

http_request = Server.CreateObject (" Microsoft.XMLHTTP");

http_request.Open; " GET" URL; false;

http_request.Send (null);


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