On the reasons for the success of event marketing from the perspective of criticism


last night on TV, can not find this program, are circles changing, suddenly found a new entertainment show at the beginning, it is a hot topic in the forum to see a few days before the attack of a star "ruined" perfect television character image of the show, hold look at what a "ruin the image" mentality, the author patiently watching this program.

webmaster for occupation habits, the Internet search related topics on this program combined with the analysis, surprised to find that this is a negative phenomenon of malicious attack event marketing, and the author also is one of the successful attract the event marketing. Below, the author of the marketing event analysis, the following content is mainly to analyze the success of marketing events as a webmaster of our thinking, there is no attack on any organization and individual ingredients.

often surf the Internet, watching the entertainment news attention forum, the owners will not be unfamiliar, various topics in a couple friends long time attack, is also not unfamiliar to the negative image created by these attacks, coupled with nearly a week of airline official micro-blog alone apologize event, is in the Internet the heart of the image was coated with a brush ink, let the stars become the recent hot figure.


When the NetEase

portal in July 13th published the star TV play the perfect role in the new entertainment show, immediately attracted many users at encounter more netizens slobber, micro-blog forum Tucao, Speechless, numerous protests are mixed.



the star’s negative image of the network and the role of the perfect role to play a huge contrast to the program attracted a lot of attention. From the Baidu search statistics can be seen from the program planning to launch pre publicity marketing for half a month in almost no search volume situation in July 13th suddenly nearly 120 thousand of the amount of search on the fly; search program name has become Baidu seven concern list sixth, but also entertainment before ten in the search word, various phenomena are fully proved the success of marketing events.

What is the reason of this success

entertainment TV show event marketing success? The author of the following reasons when the draft entertainment event marketing to see what is worthy of our reference, only communicate with marketing website.

1, from the conflict event to attract the attention of the negative attack

turn on the TV, TV shows, TV is similar to radio one does not fall, players out of all strokes, as the star of guest comments, referee group vote or not, such models show on the show has been seriously meet the eye everywhere, visual fatigue the audience cannot have the original kind of strong heat.

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