Just concluded 5 of the latest web business trick


I have been 5 years old, although there are some twists and turns in the middle, but the development of the site is still good, more and more visitors, PR also reached a total of 4. In a word: the site wants to live a long time, but also to live well, we must improve traffic. I took my raise several trick flow up today, for your reference.

1, search engine optimization


keyword optimization refers to the user in the search for a keyword, the front pages of the site can be related in search results, by keyword optimization, let a website to search in any one of the words in front of the head, it can bring a large amount of traffic. Keyword is mainly reflected in the page, pictures, addresses and other aspects, in the choice of keywords, to be accurate, concise.

2, website statistics and analysis

website statistical analysis tools have a lot, I mainly use two, the first statistical function is 51.la, 51yes these 2 tools are good enough, to know the traffic, keywords and other statistical data to find it. The second is the analysis function, more popular now is the analysis of 91 http://s.www.91fenxi.com, it is not doing any analysis of traffic or keywords, browsing behavior analysis, consumer behavior analysis focused on Web site visitors, and to provide a website with visitors interactive tools to help us better understand visitor.

3, web bookmarks


estimation method we all know it, but there are a few people actually do, this method to flow directly, and stable, generally every day 15 or so, not too much, easy to bookmark sealing station. I rely on this method, can be more than 500IP per day.

4, forum soft promotion

this method is also often mentioned, the key is how to use. I generally find 2 soft (are write) in about 5 famous forum, the general can bring more than 300 IP, and is very stable, ha ha, because of the famous forum search engine updated daily, so a few hours, your post will be found recorded, so not all IP from the forum, there are also some from search engines, but not tired, not very good


5, event marketing


event marketing method, there are many examples, such as online Mu Zimei, sister lotus. In addition to this kind of focus events, there is a kind of event, that is, by the name of the holiday, organized a variety of activities, such as discount business, in order to attract popularity. Event marketing is the key to do the article on the event, the more popular things, the more able to attract popularity. This method can make the site internal quickly earn traffic, and if operating properly, will win the attention degree is high, but it is fatal to it, it is not suitable for long-term development, if you want to get long-term development.

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