Talk about the forum to promote a little experience


forum is looking up there for more than two years, from here, to the blog, and then CMS, and then to an independent, and then return to the DZ, do not have much experience, because my site is not really successful, here are some of my lessons, hoping to give some help to the big house.

for the site, especially the forum, the first thing is to choose a good positioning of the forum is to determine whether your website can develop or how far the decision factor, but also the first consideration for the site.

, as a station for the

1 must be like, familiar with, love to do. Don’t see the beauty video download station in forums such as the high popularity, he choose to go, because these areas often have their own leading, quite popular, if you are not particularly enthusiastic in the face of the deserted forum, boring CTRL+C/CTRL+V ask how long can you


2 segment. Unfortunately, your love field was quite exaggerated leading, how to do? Is very simple, find the difference in the location of this look the same to me, for example, in Ancient Chinese Literature Search field, the highest popularity is undoubtedly the "Ancient Chinese Literature Search forum", most of which are spot bamboo can Dudangyimian the role of both Guo Yu and Hu did not return such scholars also have current Weiyang night (this caused by the network Ancient Chinese Literature Search spice) controversial network reds, but Ancient Chinese Literature Search forum is a problem, the popularity is too high, will inevitably lead to the vulgar, vulgar will inevitably lead to the loss of talent, so which come out from the webmaster the classical literature has done beyond count, stand, do painting and calligraphy appreciation station, with Buddhism Forum station, also do China ideas forum, but also can unite a part of popularity, some still learning There is a certain reputation in the art circle. This is the charm of the market segments.

market segments need to consider the issue of multi angle, one of the other side of the board is a great way to

distinction between user level, age is also a way (

two, user group selection and initial core member selection:

1 you like to mix with those people, and these people around you can help you in the early days of the site, they choose to focus on the theme of it.

2 crowd selection can also consider some of the later things. Abnormal sensitivity to advertising or understanding and so on

3 the proper consideration of the relevant page of the related station as moderators, which contributes to the promotion of. QQ users from Internet cafes; there are a lot of college students now and just graduated from the University for one or two years of watercress is 90; are; finance to; you have to find the plate to start

this I add, I am "reader" official forum, national culture forum, CC video official forum CHT group members, all kinds of small Forum >

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