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Twitter CEO believes it will be easier to succeed in creating new products that meet the needs of some people. Emotional marketing is very important for start-up companies, Accel Partners on the head of this Kobie Fuller talked about his views.


Contrary to popular perception,

‘s marketing is not limited to quantitative indicators and growth of hackers. Now is the time to develop a new connection between you and your users. Specifically, I’m talking about the art of storytelling and the emotion of the user.

human nature is connected to the story. They connect our ideas, places, products and brands, they help us to prove the value of our marketing.

Under the competitive environment of the

digital media market, the smart entrepreneurial marketing staff will be able to tell the compelling story to the user, build and a larger number of competitors considerable influence. Marketers of entrepreneurship and the user’s emotions will drive the market in any size of the company to promote the promotion of independent product visibility and real-time perception of the needs of millions of consumers with products. Once the company has a large budget, digital and direct to consumers these two marketing channels will replace the original traditional advertising marketing.

many companies know exactly what they are doing and communicate well (we do X applications), but very few companies will go to the bottom (why we think that people should have a more simple way to communicate with their loved ones).

Eric Invoca, President of

, an automated marketing company, said: "it’s an interesting process to ask the user for an emotional response, which allows the user to see the value of the product and increase the sense of urgency in the Holmen. But a lot of the time, startups focus on strategy, rather than deliberately create the mood of the user.


It’s easy for

to set up marketing around the former (what), but the story is based on the latter (why). But how to make the start-up company to develop its product / brand’s internal emotional advantages: such as the user’s excitement, happiness and satisfaction.

in short, entrepreneurial companies and marketers must dig in the brain "story" button in this part, start-up companies need through a story connecting emotion driven marketing, create more customers to participate in the real moment.

emotion and data

emotional marketing is an important part of data driven marketing. Despite the growth of hackers around, but now the most astute marketers need to understand that users are more powerful than ever.

numbers will only tell you what happened, and in order to gain an internal and creative behavior, marketers need to make sure they can spend enough time to study the user’s motivation

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