Wang Tong how to quickly become the industry leader


I in the choice of customers, there is a principle: or the other is the industry leader, or the other has the potential to become the industry leader, or even give money, I’m not going to do the planning, because my energy is limited, and find my customers and too much, I can only choose the high quality of cooperation. In this principle, many of my clients are the industry leader, there are many in our planning, has become an industry leader in the field. Today, I want to share the topic is: how to quickly become the industry leader!

so, how to become the fastest industry leader?

the answer is only one word, but directly to say this sentence, you will not pay enough attention, but also allows you to more in-depth understanding of this sentence, and listen to me slowly from the road.

in 2001, when I started my own club, while working with friends to get ideas, when I was looking for the Internet every day in the blank field, see a lot of very many blank market. In 2002, after the Internet bubble burst website, will face two problems: one is not money, the low cost of the promotion website, the two is how to make money. The combination of the two problems, I saw a huge demand for network marketing planning, but it was the Internet, there is no network marketing planning this term. So I intend to predict, a year later, there will be a professional network marketing planning. And in the thread said: in order to verify the accuracy of their budget, a year after no one, I will do the first. As a result, I made the first and got the best chance!

so, I summed up a sentence: when you create a field, the beginning is the industry leader!

so, at the beginning of the SEO and network marketing planning, I will use this concept to a lot of my customers, I listed some of the cases in the early 2003:

case 1: price comparison network (we can search: Key= price comparison network)

before I open the company, my first customer came to me, his website called "encouraging" long live, read all do not know what to do. After opening, you know his site is doing household appliances, computer, mobile phone, digital products and so on price, I give the name, sent to "price net", and then the related keywords are done first, and then through a personal relationship to add it to the hao123 site navigation. The flow directly from 500IP to 8000IP every day, every day. Although the site has not, but it is the first price comparison network, then a small fire.

case two: 51 buy network (you can search it: Key>

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