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The development of

network, the birth of numerous websites. Also contributed to the development of many emerging industries. With all kinds of websites, websites like commodities, varieties of Ling Lang everywhere. In the early development of the Internet, the website is not very much, even if the Internet cost is very high, when the network has not been developed to the current level, the emergence of a new website, people will be an easy job to do that without the need for excessive promotion. However, with the development of network, the network has almost become part of indispensable in people’s daily life with sina, NetEase, Sohu and other large portal sites, Google, Baidu, Sohu and other search sites, as well as the current popular community dating websites and other kinds of websites have emerged, coupled with the numerous personal website and many sites are submerged in the vast sea, on-line and close some website, what impact on the Internet and not. The new online website to really become very difficult, talent shows itself, no matter how beautiful you do website, how the advanced operation mode, but also very easy to maintain properly, submerged in the vast sea and No one shows any interest in wines are not afraid of deep alley, the traditional era, prevalent in the network today is so feeble, many before the enterprise truly understand the network, can only sigh, why their own websites, their products so good, why is nobody, has been unable to improve performance.

in many enterprise network marketing, some enterprises do not have their own goals and promotion strategies in the process of network promotion, blindly imitate blindly, without their own unique form of marketing, as long as the promotion thought will have effect, resulting in wasting a lot of manpower and resources, has become the Internet burn the enterprise, but did not reach the established goals. While some of the company’s website, the appearance of light, but the lack of valuable content, after entering the customer can not effectively stick customer. And some corporate website, simply do not effectively promote, as long as their own products, it will be someone to patronize, the results have no effect on investment. While some other companies in the marketing website, the blind choice of some marketing companies, in itself, not the site for system evaluation, there is no special site for tracking maintenance. However, many websites, want to have a foothold in the Internet, its products accounted for a space for one person in the Internet market, not marketing does not work effectively, even the current domestic famous Sohu such as Sina, various types of portals such as B2B platform, Alibaba, constantly on the Internet to promote themselves continue to expand their share of the Internet, even the current domestic search engine leader Baidu, which itself is also constantly optimize the work itself. The ordinary enterprise website, in the course of its development, will encounter such problems, such as not effective marketing, the final result can only be the site in the helpless silence.

in the field of online shopping, the growing number of online shopping sites have become increasingly fierce market competition, the major sites are also competing to promote their products, the most

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