Writing is not good A trick that makes you stand out


first look at a picture:


(Ps: picture a little long, click zoom to see more clearly)

this is a summary of the 2015 WeChat point those who praise the number of 10W+ of all articles, a total of 17.

we all know, WeChat has the reading number and the number of points like, the more common general reading number 10W+, do a lot of popular entertainment video V can be easily achieved, and praise 10W+ rarely, analyze carefully, will find that these articles have a common characteristic:

they all have a good title.

why don’t I buy iPhone6s?

looked at this wage, I decided to pass!!!

Tom cats are all crazy!


video, killing thousands of people



is not to see, there is a desire to click into the right to read the impulse?

McGrady was also attracted to read a few articles, in fact, the content of them did not imagine so wonderful, but also ordinary video, text, or chicken soup and so on, is the author in the content to guide readers, so that they can transmit and share in the circle of friends.

The number of people concerned about their

itself hundreds of thousands of millions, after this ordeal, onlookers ride more people, a bit like 10W+ beautiful article also logical birth. But to achieve this effect, the accumulation and precipitation need long time, unless the money to do the promotion, or are you just a marketing genius.

so, for those who want to use the soft to do the marketing and promotion of novices, writing is not good to do


‘s advice is to make a good title for the article you write.

why? What do you want, your users, fans to see the article, the first to see what is the title?.

statistical data, the article on the 90% in reading is depending on the title, even if your article on how well the title is very unattractive, it, so the number of articles were read will be very low.

In contrast to

, the general, the title is very attractive, so click rate will obviously improve a lot, the title is a punchline.

This is why the

in the forum, there are so many reasons for the existence of Post Bar the title of the party, they specialize in inside hair leather fresh advertising, and then use the beauty chart, the allure of the title text, it is in the beginning to attract people to click to see, to cast a wide net fishing, fishing is a must one, so their purpose will be achieved.

but, "one of the"

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