Ridicule how do see the bad play 520 marketing


Just past the

520 network Valentine’s day, I do not know when to rise, but the date of the business as a marketing hype, because digital homophonic effect was touted as another Valentine’s day, it is a meaningful day of birth. Day every day, "520" in the past, but leave a lot of thinking things stand in the marketing perspective, it is indeed to be played "bad", but some people are laughing, it earned pours, like double eleven, twelve and so on, is this mine. This rhythm is coming too fast, came too suddenly, all was washed dizzy head, everything seems to have changed the meaning of. So how do you see the bad play 520 marketing, I’ll talk about their views.

first, marketing can pick time anywhere, fresh gradually reduced. Marketers racked their brains to think of some marketing points and lines, such days have been excavated, such a day has been screened, such a day has been repeated. Today is not easy to find a marketing highlights 520, is not so easy to let go. If it is not easy to come to such a special day, it is extremely hot, because this day is a bit special, need time to wait. But this discovery, the problem is that those who have not easily won concessions, those activities, now almost every few days will be a little, almost every day in the play, there are special into ordinary, so it will greatly discount the value of marketing. Such as marketing row of good programs, constantly turns staged, more interesting is, these marketing activities is in the loop road. Marketing can pick time anywhere, it can be said that every day there is a discount, the value and significance of it completely changed, someone shook his head to be playing bad.

second, meaning changed, the commercial atmosphere of heavy. I remember a lot of people have such a sigh, and now the new year more and more no taste, in fact, now 520 marketing is not the taste, and more and more meaningless. The beginning of these so-called special days, to some extent, still have a little significance, can be more and more heavy with commercialization, such problems have changed in essence. Many simple things with the commercial atmosphere of infiltration, will be a lot of colorful, 520 just arrived, the network immediately lively up, especially in the electricity supplier, will find a thousand million reasons to offer discounts to customers, overwhelming. Therefore, consumers drunk, the visual fatigue, it is a significance for this thing, also lost the meaning, more preferential for these lost interest, we are on sale, are favorable, originally very meaningful change of taste. Businesses are holding 520 when marketing under the guise of purpose is wrong, a lot of marketing tools are often hundred-percent Lun, big price, the market competition of gunpowder rising, have lost their original meaning.

third, competing with each other, the last loss of their own. The above mentioned between businesses eager for a fight.

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