Powder absorption product declaration the transformation of WeChat marketing considerations




operation, the inevitable to encounter WeChat activities, it is common to do operations, through one of the activities to plan to adjust their annual operation plan today, speaking of WeChat marketing activities, then to WeChat marketing nonsense under what benefits? Laoniao feel bovine B can ignore this section.

what are the benefits of WeChat


1, you can suck powder pull new, so that their brand products to get more exposure;

2, you can take the opportunity to achieve sales transformation;

3, can live their own sleep wake up users, such as their Taobao store repeat purchase of loyal users? Such as myself in the QQ group, website database maintenance of the many


4, can be targeted to collect user data information, and then marketing transformation and so on, for example: a lot of activities in WeChat to enter your mobile phone number? Micro signal? QQ? And so on, meet the conditions for the activities of people, their brand is the target users of the product, easy to get user information fast, the province get propaganda promotion to pull people, directly into the

precision not better?

5, can enhance the interaction with the user, more interactive, user awareness of the brand’s products will be deep, the benefits of self-evident.

know the benefits of the specific practical operation up should be where to start? WeChat activities planning and operation of those places are worth noting? WeChat has begun to implement the activities, how to enhance the effect of


is simple and crude, the boat will not nonsense;

1, the activities of the best prizes have new ideas, no new ideas, but also in a little surprising;

because without him, now than five or six years ago, Taobao, Jingdong and so on what IPHONE everywhere, the collection of cash back and so on, get together collective bombardment, is numb, change to the mobile terminal WeChat, also to this set, a superficial reform, effect is barely satisfactory.


(shy boat silently under the finished map)

2, activity cycle, do not shoot head, attention to activity, consider the characteristics of the crowd;

This boat is

when the pain of cutting one’s body ah, activity plan before, according to the annual plan to schedule, considering the time, art prize time, time, time testing and debugging and so on, but it is this cycle of activity, set up one or two days most probably it did not actually happen, I think this is also a lot of problems to do the operation.


(how painful it is)

does not take into account the user’s activity, it means that your marketing activities, others have not seen, notice, it is over, of course,

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