On the promotion and positioning of novel website


To explore the promotion and localization of

in many novels and fiction like every day I was struggling to run their own novels, to tell the truth, to build a station is too easy, because with the development of network technology, the website for individuals has become more and more popular. More and more people are concerned about the construction of the Internet, buy space, select the domain name…… Websites will soon set up, but to operate a web site is a key problem, especially the novel website, now the novel station can use innumerable, how to make search engines that can fly in a peg in a conspicuous million ox ox hair needs the website? "Personality" of course, for those features, good novel station, leaving the search engine’s favor can become an independent school! This is talking about how to promote their own novel site and location.

first: step by step method

is very simple, often go to Baidu and Baidu know Post Bar promotion, and SOSO ask, YAHOO knowledge and so on, but it is worth noting that, not directly on your web site publicity, on the other hand, if there are immediately deleted visitors on your site to send a web site you will be very angry. A man must have dedication, to answer a question and then leave a "credit address" is also behoove! Do not know if you temporarily do not agree with this view of my


second: link method

we all know, it is quite difficult to do Links, the premise is that you stand to have the same good to others and don’t stand in favor of the name of this station is closer to "otherwise it will be a lot of discrimination, apply to accept the" torture "quiz before doing a link to others: PR flow? How many? Because it is new, most cases will be declined, I appeared to do Links when jiongju like others, or mouth sweet, or reluctant" Renqin "brother, sister, uncle, aunt shouted, let others in the face of just do this" people love chain ", there are many people completely indifferent hard heart intestines, but the probability of success is always there, anyway, no matter how hard the premise is, the final outcome is satisfactory! Shaved……

third: Collection plus manual method

Unlike other

novels prose reading class, to add a chapter is not realistic, we all need to rely on the acquisition, acquisition to acquisition, I think it is better to add to their original acquisition, in the introduction above can write your words then your website address, although this is slowly, some people may think it is a waste of time, but I think, insist for a long time the website will be formed in the help of outside power and form their own style, do stand like raising children, need careful care! A 1000 law if not change even after the acquisition will bring together to the others. On his website, carry forward the spirit of fearless for others website


fourth: scaled method


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