Discuz Lab points to help community consumption points


, Discuz! Laboratory products points mall new version 2 officially launched, can support the exchange, auction and raffle three integral trading mode, can help the community integration flow and consumption, to build a comprehensive community financial system".

previously, the webmaster for the community points can not be circulated and distressed, especially some of the more than 5 years of development of the old community, the owners are eager to wake up through the integration of the circulation and sleep users. By integrating the mall plug-in, owners can release joint business exchange, sweepstakes, auctions and other commodity trading, allowing users to post daily hard returns, also exposed the business brand, which consumes user points and enhance community popularity.

to help webmasters solve the circulation problem, integral Discuz! Based on "integral auction" plug-in, perfect commodity data call, increase the integral trading mode, launched a new "integral mall", has been updated to version 2. Integral mall version 2 has the following three highlights:

highlights 1: the three transaction model

three transaction modes are exchange, auction and raffle: exchange, support users to publish integral trading posts, and set free "quantity", "price" and "transaction", to participate in the user exchange the integral bid items, first come first served; auction, to support users to publish auction posts, and set the "quantity", "price", "transaction" and "increase", users exchange the integral bid items, the highest bidder; draw, draw support users to publish posts, publishers set "quantity", "price" and "transaction", users exchange the integral bid items after the transaction, all bidders randomly selected winners.


figure: Discuz! Laboratory products "integral mall"

highlights 2: support for data calls, easy to operate

a lot of owners want to freely call the data points and transaction items, it will be displayed in the portal or forum home page, in order to attract more users to participate in. Integrated mall 2 new version to meet the demand, support in the portal, forums and other places where the need to call the data integration DIY mall module, integration and integration of the mall to achieve the integration of the community itself.

highlights 3: support for virtual and physical exchange points

integral mall to support the integration of virtual goods exchange, such as website recharge kaka. This is conducive to the implementation of their own community membership card, and joint business organizations online, offline activities.

Since the introduction of

integral mall, but also get some positive feedback from the owners. Yantai forum Cong Jinlong said: since the integration mall plug-in enabled users to participate in the enthusiasm of users to participate in the use of the site to participate in the discussion of the points can also participate in the auction, really good."


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